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Your home office or masked delivery route, your virtual hangouts with friends, your concerns about freedom, community and truth, your struggle to keep your business afloat or to stay sane while sharing space with family — all of these thoughts and experiences are part of how we are “living through history.” We have created this digital archive in order to collect visual artifacts and written or audio testimonies of the pandemic era. We invite all members of the Holy Cross community and beyond – including alumni, family members, and anyone interested in this project – to submit materials relating to any of the seven themes we have identified as central to the COVID-19 crisis and to the political, social, cultural, and personal upheavals that have accompanied your months of global quarantine.

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John Larsen '22

Alone Together: Technology's Impact on Social Isolation

Helena Connell '22

The Crisis of Caregiving: How Covid-19 Disproportionately Impacts Women

Kristina Pestic '22

Reality Check: Pandemic Politics in Croatia

Estelle Kearns '22

The Realities of Loss: Funerals in the Pandemic Age

Smarika Suwal '22

Coming of Age During COVID-19

Marianna Rollins '22

No One to Lean-On: The Struggles of Young Adults to Cope with a COVID-19 World

Sienna Ablorh '21

Community in Crisis: Coming Together or Pulling Apart?

Jack Hynick '22

Our Forgotten Pandemic: Lessons from the 1918 Spanish Flu

Jinze Mi '23

Going Home? The Experiences of Chinese International Students Dealing With Coronavirus

Dennis Liu '22

Discussions of Race in Asian-American Households During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Beth Griffin '21

Creativity in Crisis: The Effects of the Pandemic on the Performing Arts

Eleanor Conlon '21

Citizenship in a Time of Crisis: Examining Individual Rights and Obligations to Others During the Pandemic Age


Professor Lorelle D. Semley

Professor Cynthia V. Hooper