Living Through History

The Holy Cross COVID-19 Chronicles

Your Voice. Your Memory. Your Moment.

To commemorate an extraordinary year, we are launching two challenges, and we ask everyone reading this to take part!

How has the pandemic era changed you? What is a memory you carry from the past year, or a question, concern, or hope you have about our post-pandemic world? We invite you to share, in 100 words or less, something you will take away from this time. You don't have to say much – but if you pare your thoughts down to a single story, scene, or reflection, what would it be?

What is an image that captures something about this past year? Submissions are welcome in regard to a great variety of experiences, from a selfie documenting loneliness to a photo of political protest to a screenshot of an internet meme. We also encourage shots of visual art in any medium, whose content depicts an aspect of the pandemic-era experience. Submissions should include a title and a brief description.

We will be posting many of your images and reflections on this site as they come in. You may sign your submission however you wish or select to remain anonymous. (Only members of the COVID Chronicles will see your email – that will not be shared.) Multiple submissions are allowed. Our goal is to generate as much participation as possible, so please pass on the word!